Hanlon’s Razor

I love this. “Hanlon’s Razor states that we should not attribute to malice that which is more easily explained by stupidity. In a complex world, this principle helps us avoid extreme paranoia and ideology, often very hard to escape from, by not generally assuming that bad results are the fault of a bad actor, although […]

What You Need To Know About SBA Loans

Have questions about the CARES Act? Join us tomorrow as Megan Wolfe, CPA will present about the options you have and answer all of your questions! Register Here: https://bit.ly/2RKbOYO

President’s Update – April 2020

This is a horrible time.  People are suffering enormously, and the suffering is not equal.  We all do what we can. For some of us it’s simply to stay home and be kind and reach out to others. If we can’t hug, we can pick up the phone and call. In the meantime, FACP members, […]

Facilitating on the Sidelines

We have a defined concept of how a mental health neutral (MHP) should participate in the collaborative process but what if the parties don’t want to commit to an MHP? There is a back door – hire a specialist! Just make sure that specialist is trained in the collaborative process. Training in collaborative process is […]

Collaborating During Coronavirus: Challenges and Opportunities

Collaborating During Coronavirus: Challenges and Opportunities REPLAY AVAILABLE ON THE FACP RESOURCES PAGE Tips for Alternative Dispute Resolution and the Collaborative Process and using Zoom. How do we keep our practices running when we can’t leave our homes?  How do we serve clients in crisis at a time when courts are only half-open?  How do we […]

President’s Update – March 2020

Our lives have turned topsy-turvy in the last few weeks. Community is more important than ever. The physical spaces where we would usually gather to turn for community are shuttered—our churches and synagogues and community centers. Even my local farmers market closed—if I were in charge, I would keep it open. How is a supermarket […]

President’s Update – February 2020

FACP AT CERT REVIEW     In January the FACP “held court” at the Florida Bar/AAML Board Certification Review Course in Orlando.  Jennifer Frank chaired the effort that also enlisted Carina Leeson, Jerome Poliacoff and other FACP Board Members and volunteers to share literature and engage in conversations about: upcoming Collaborative training/educational opportunities; the FACP Annual Conference […]

Let’s Talk Taxes! Our Not So Favorite Topic.

Even though we’re not yet in April, taxes should be talked about and discussed in all collaborative meetings you have over the next two months. Here are some quick issues that come up for any couple contemplating divorce in Florida and taxes: Filing joint or filing separate? Many times, one spouse wants to file separate because […]

FACP Getting Seen At Cert Review

At the end of January 2020 the FACP “held court” at the Florida Bar/AAML Board Certification Review Course in Orlando.  Jennifer Frank, Elaine Silver, Jerome Poliacoff and Carina Leeson shared literature and engaged in conversations about: the many upcoming Collaborative training/educational opportunities; the FACP Annual Conference in May 2020; the Collaborative Process and Florida’s Collaborative […]

Five Tips for Collaborative Attorneys

What can you do to increase your collaborative caseload and be the best collaborative attorney you can be?  This article provides five suggestions for aspiring and experienced collaborative attorneys. TELL EVERY CLIENT A client cannot decide whether to use the collaborative process if he or she does not know about the collaborative process.  Tell every […]