Cultural Sensitivity

A long-haired Japanese star just led me to a discovery. The other day, I consulted with two new clients, a husband and wife. They met with me together on Zoom to discuss which process would work best for their divorce.

Gems from a Collaborative Discoverer

Kim Reed is one of us. She’s been a voice in the wilderness, way out in Panama City, Florida, which is not (yet), shall we say, a “thriving metropolis of collaborative dispute resolution.”

Hanlon’s Razor

Man thinking divorce mediation

I love this. “Hanlon’s Razor states that we should not attribute to malice that which is more easily explained by stupidity.

What You Need To Know About SBA Loans

SBA loans tax benefits FACP Megan Wolfe collaborative professionals

Have questions about the CARES Act? Join us tomorrow as Megan Wolfe, CPA will present about the options you have and answer all of your questions! Register Here:

President’s Update – April 2020

FACP collaborative divorce florida divorce attorney

This is a horrible time.  People are suffering enormously, and the suffering is not equal.  We all do what we can. For some of us it’s simply to stay home […]

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