Creativity in Collaboration

In 2022, FACP & IACP members participated in World Creativity & Innovation Week (WCIW), a UN-observed event with the purpose of encouraging the use of creativity in solving problems. As a result of FACP/IACP events, four proclamations were received and people from around the world learned about Collaborative Divorce. For 2023, Collaborative Practice Groups are […]

Register For IACP’s Forum, The World’s Largest Collaborative Gathering!

Registration is now open for IACP’s Forum, and here’s why you won’t want to miss this year’s largest Collaborative event! IACP’s Annual Networking and Educational Forum is the world’s largest and most preeminent gathering of Collaborative and Consensual Dispute Resolution professionals! This year, we bring you 8 Pre-Forum Institutes, 30 in-person workshops, our Saturday night […]