Critical Communication Mistakes You Are Making with Your Divorcing Clients, and How to Correct Them

Presented on Oct 21, 2022 12:00 PM in Eastern Time (US and Canada)

So, do you think your expertise matters most when communicating with your divorcing clients? Think again!

One of the biggest challenges for professionals providing a service to divorcing clients is having to assist an individual who is in a very vulnerable and unstable position, both mentally and logistically. Now, more than ever, your ability to connect and communicate with your clients is tremendously impaired by the added emotional and/or financial stress your client may be experiencing. Join Liz Becker, Communication Skills Coach & Trainer and President and Co-founder of the National Association of Divorce Professionals, as she uncovers the critical communication mistakes professionals make that often lead to impasse and resistance. During this session, Liz shares valuable insight to help you ensure productive conversations and ultimately better outcomes for you and your clients.

  1. During this presentation you will learn:
  2. What is NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)
  3. The unique challenges one experiences when working with divorcing clients
  4. Some of the biggest communication mistakes professionals are making
  5. What is the main cause of miscommunication
  6. The recipe for good communication
  7. What divorce professionals can expect to achieve when they improve how they communicate with their clients


Liz Becker is President & Founder of the National Association of Divorce Professionals and Senior Trainer of the CDS™ Program. Liz is also a Licensed NLP Master Practitioner, Communications Skills Coach & Trainer, and has more than a decade of experience in working with both divorcing clients and the professionals who serve them. Having worked in the divorce industry for many years, she has a keen sense of detecting specific issues that create obstacles for all parties involved in the process. Whether she was conducting NLP Certification Trainings, co-parenting workshops, speaking at conferences, or coaching clients, Liz has always found great reward in educating people on how to communicate more effectively and achieve positive change both personally and professionally.

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