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FACP’s Practice Group Committee is pleased to present a Collaborative version of “Grand Rounds,” modeled after the medical teaching process.

We are inviting you and your practice group members to participate as presenters, and by submitting issues for future discussion, based on actual Collaborative family law cases. Each month, a different practice group will present on one of the submitted cases at a virtual lunch hour (12-1pm EST) meeting. Ideally, one attorney, one mental health professional and one financial professional will present for the first part of each session, with whole-group discussion thereafter.

Our Grand Rounds series will be held on the third Friday of each month. Please send an email to Brittany Staggs, the FACP Administrator, at (Brittany.staggs@collaborativepracticeflorida.com) and she will forward a monthly reminder to you for distribution to your practice group members. We welcome participation from FACP members and non-members alike. Registration information will be on the reminder/invitation from Brittany, who will be receiving the registrations and following up with a zoom link for all registered participants.

Register in advance for the April 16th Grand Round:

Who’s Driving the Train? In a Client Driven Process, How Do We as Professionals Keep the Train on the Tracks?

Collaborative Family Law Professionals of South Florida (Broward) Practice Group


Ari Harper, CPA

Randy J. Heller, PhD

Robert Merlin, Esq.

Learning objectives:

Participants will:

· Identify the way in which the Collaborative participation Agreement is instrumental in outlining the roles and responsibilities of each Professional and the Clients during the Collaborative Process;

· State the ethical responsibilities of each Professional during the Collaborative Process related to advocacy, safety, and decision making;

· Distinguish between the roles of the Professionals and Clients in identifying and adhering to the “map of the process” as well as the way in which the Professional team can effectively communicate about deviations and resistance.

This Grand Round will present and discuss an ongoing Collaborative matter whereby the Clients are quite divergent in their personalities, their communication styles, their co-parenting styles, apparent values, and commitment to the Collaborative process. Additionally, the attorneys have very much of the same differences.

In this case presentation, the Neutral Facilitator will present the fact patter (I a way to protect confidentiality and privacy in an ongoing matter, discuss the ongoing challenges that have arisen, the often “failed” attempted solutions, and the continuous efforts on the part of the team to find creative and practical solutions to keeping this matter on track to completion.

Questions for discussion:

· In a “Client Driven Process”, who takes. The lead and who follows?

· How is that discussed with the Clients?

· How is that discussed between professionals?

· How do we resolve apparently unresolvable differences in thinking and action on the part of each client regarding relational, financial, and other practical matters?

· How do we discuss and resolve apparently divergent thinking between the attorneys?

· Where do we go from here?