Grand Rounds

The Elephant in the Room: Infidelity and
The Effects on the Collaborative Case

SEPTEMBER 17, 2021 at Noon

This month’s Grand Rounds, presented by Susan Keyes, Esq., Regina Zelonker, Esq., Dr. Lana Stern, and David Goldweitz, CPA/CVA of the CFLI practice group, will address the topic of infidelity in the collaborative case. The discussion topics will include how one client’s infidelity factored into the settlement and how the roles of the respective professionals in the process might be impacted.

  • How is neutrality maintained by team members and how does bias about infidelity impact his or her work in the process?
  • How do we help clients proceed where trust is broken?
  • What are the additional obligations (if any) on the part of the professionals in this circumstance?
  • How does a financial settlement play into the emotional aspects of the infidelity?

Please join us for what is sure to be an interesting session of the FACP Grand Rounds.

SEPTEMBER 17, 2021 at Noon


Susan Keyes is an Accredited Collaborative Family Law  Attorney and Florida Supreme Court certified family mediator, who has practiced extensively in the area of family law for more than 30 years. Susan is currently the co- President of the Collaborative Family Law Institute in Miami, serves on the FACP Board, is the co-chair of the Practice Group Committee for FACP and is a member of IACP.  Susan restricts her practice to non-adversarial, solution based methods of resolution such as collaborative divorce and pro-se, pre-suit mediation with Divorce Without War®.

Regina Zelonker is a family law attorney for over 42 years and a Florida Supreme Court certified family and civil mediator for over 22 years.  Regina is an FACP Accredited Collaborative Professional.  Her law practice is exclusively a non-court, solution-based practice, focusing on collaborative divorce, post and pre-nuptial agreements, and cooperative matters. Regina’s mediation practice serves individuals people who are seeking focused and efficient resolutions to their divorce situations.  Regina is on the board of several nonprofit organizations as well as the Collaborative Family law Institute, Miami’s practice group.

Lana M. Stern, a Licensed Psychologist, Marriage and Family Therapist, Florida Supreme Court Certified Mediator and FACP Accredited Collaborative Professional .  She is a practicing psychologist in the Miami area and an active and enthusiastic proponent of the Collaborative Process. She has worked extensively on Collaborative family law cases as the MHP/Facilitator. She co-founded “Florida Collaborative Trainers” and has presented the basic/intermediate training workshops throughout Florida, nationally and internationally.

David Goldweitz, CPA/CVA is the Senior Director of Tax & Accounting at Fiske & Company. He oversees the firm’s Kendall-based office. David is trained as both a family mediator and as a Neutral Financial Professional in the Collaborative Divorce process. David is a long-standing member of the Collaborative Family Law Institute in Miami. David also has over four decades of experience working with businesses and individuals on accounting, consulting and strategic tax planning.

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