FACP Grand Rounds: Collaborative Ethics – Watch the replay here

FACP Grand Rounds: Compromising Solutions – A Goodwill Story! – Watch the replay here

Exploring The Research, Developing Competency, and Marketing: What Every Collaborative Professional Should Know About Implementing and Interpreting The Professional Experience Survey – Register here to receive the recording

What Is An Allied Professional And How Can They Be Utilized In The Collaborative Process – Register here to receive the recording

Technology Webinar Series: Part One – Register here to receive the recording

A Conversation With Stu Webb – Register here to receive the recording

Covid-19 Challenges & Opportunities – Download the webinar here

Covid-19 Challenges & Opportunities (Part 2) (Doc 1) (Doc 2) (Doc 3) (Doc 4) (Doc 5)- Download the webinar here

Marketing Collaborative During The Pandemic – Download the webinar here

How to apply to be an Accredited Collaborative Professional – Download the webinar here

Join the FACP Credentialing committee as they walk you through the web page. The committee will review the standards and answer your questions. You will get a full overview of the application and discuss what is needed to attach and provide as proof. The committee will provide a bit of the history of credentialing and explain the review process.

Collaborative Law Process Act and Collaborative Practice:  Exploring Possibilities for Families Struggling with IPV/DV ($20 FEE) – Register to watch the replay here

Participants will develop a greater understanding of the systemic dynamics occurring in intimate partner violence (IPV) and how to address that in collaborative settings and explore options, decision making, and team protocols for families in which intimate partner violence has occurred.

Becoming more agile in your Collaborative practice: Models for understanding client needs from different perspectives ($20 FEE) – Register to watch the replay here

Collaborative professionals have a central role in supporting clients through the many challenges of the divorce process. The ability to be nimble and conceptualize client needs from different perspectives creates opportunities for better understanding of client behaviors and for developing individualized solutions to client concerns. This webinar discusses how Collaborative professionals can draw from attachment theory and the conflict resolution literature to tackle some of the obstacles we face during our quest to be more effective and agile in our practices.