Accredited Collaborative Professional Application Process

The Florida Academy of Collaborative Professionals (FACP) is dedicated to creating a culture in which the Collaborative Process is the prevailing method for the resolution of disputes in Florida. We recognize that to do so, Collaborative attorneys, mental health professionals and financial professionals should be specially trained to help their clients resolve disputes in a peaceful, private and respectful manner. To promote the goal of providing Florida with the most highly qualified Collaborative professionals, FACP has created Minimum Standards for Accreditation. Individuals who meet the FACP Minimum Standards for Accreditation have the qualifications as set forth in the Standards for each Collaborative Profession.

Individual Standards for Collaborative Professionals

A professional accredited by the FACP means that the individual has met the FACP Minimum Standards for Accreditation and may have skills and training that professionals who have not met the FACP Minimum Standards for Accreditation do not have. Each client should make his or her own determination whether to retain the services of an individual Collaborative professional. FACP is not responsible for the conduct of any professionals, regardless of whether she or he meets the FACP Minimum Standards for Accreditation. FACP is not a regulatory body and these FACP Standards for Accreditation do not form a basis for determining whether a professional is subject to legal liability or disciplinary action.

Standards for obtaining this credential are posted below:

Fully completed applications with paid fee will be reviewed in the order they are received. Applications will be approved monthly by the Board of Directors.

Application Process

1. Download the appropriate application form below for complete instructions for applying for the FACP credential.

Here is a free PDF editor website to fill out your application

Scan application and all required support documents and email to

2. Submit application fee of $150 via PayPal below or by sending a check to: FACP c/o Marta Alfonso MBAF 1450 Brickell Avenue 18th Floor, Miami, FL 33131

Once your application is approved an additional $345 fee will be due covering three years. All applications shall remain confidential and the property of the Florida Academy of Collaborative Professionals.