Florida Academy of Collaborative Professionals

Your Divorce. Your Decisions.

FACP - Florida’s Statewide Collaborative Team

FACP is Florida’s statewide organization of lawyers, financial, and mental health professionals whose mission is to guide families to peaceful divorce using the Collaborative Divorce Process.

Our vision is to create a culture in which the Collaborative Process is the prevailing method for the resolution of disputes beginning with family law and evolving into all other areas of law.

FACP - Helping to Grow Your Collaborative Practice

FACP is a national leader in professional training in the Collaborative Process and has created one of the only Accredited Collaborative ProfessionalTM certification program in the US. To receive certification from the FACP, professionals undergo rigorous training in Collaborative Process and must demonstrate professional competence and experience in Collaborative Process.

FACP builds awareness about Collaborative Process and its advantages by reaching out to professionals and the general public through social media, publishing and interviews. Finally, FACP helps professionals establish Collaborative Practice Groups in their own communities and supports Collaborative Practice Groups throughout Florida.

Board of Directors

Executive Committee:

Robert J. Merlin, Esquire – President

Marta Alfonso, Esquire – President Elect

Joryn Jenkins, Esquire – Vice President

Rebecca Fischer, Esquire – Vice President

Christen Ritchey, Esquire – Secretary

Sonya Johnson, CPA – Treasurer

Elaine T. Silver, Esquire – Past President

Board Members:

Matthew Bartolomei

Sheila Cohen Furr

Jacqueline Green

Fraser Himes

Allison Hockman

Cole Jeffries

Susan Keyes

Carina M. Leeson

Evan Marks

Pamela R. Masters

Heather McArthur

Mercedes McGowan

Karen Middlekauf

Tanya O’Connor

Teresa F. Parnell

Kimberly D. Reed

Candice D. Saketkoo

Jeffrey Wasserman