CASE STUDY: Co-Mediation to Collaborative Mediation

  What happens when professionals put the well being of a family ahead of “winning” a litigated battle? Two of our members, Rachel Moskowitz and Adam Cordover, stepped out of their comfort zones to help a family in need. The two wrote about how they collaborated to allow their clients to dissolve their marriage on […]

Collaborative Divorce: A Saner World

I recently sat at the table with a husband and wife who had just signed their marital settlement agreement.  This signaled the end of their collaborative divorce process.  I offered them my respect for how they had pursued the process on behalf of their children.  They could have chosen a different path.  The could have […]

Co-Parent Coaching in Collaborative Practice Assists in Healthier Post Divorce Relationships

Divorce is difficult for the entire family, and can be especially challenging when co-parents disagree on child-rearing, school options, and the myriad choices that parents encounter when raising children. Disputes and arguments over decisions may disrupt the child’s development and the parents’ ability to move on with their lives in a healthy manner. Co-parent coaching […]