President’s Update – March 2021

Dear Collaborative Colleagues, Spring has arrived and with it excitement about the COVID vaccine.  People  of all ages are hunting down and finding those “leftover doses” at local pharmacies, big box stores and vaccination sites. We still need to be cautious, social distance and wear masks.  Let’s not inflict our health care workers with another […]

Why Are So Many Newlyweds Getting Divorced During The Pandemic?

For most newlyweds the months following their wedding hold some of the greatest and most memorable times in their marriage. It’s a time that still has them feeling blissful from their wedding day; it’s filled with the excitement of settling into a new home, vacations, weekly date nights, and getting to know one another as […]

Family Law Section Commentator: Collaborative Family Law: Lessons Learned

We are excited to share the most recent edition of the Family Law Section’s Commentator: Winter 2021. In this edition of the Family Law Sections Commentator are four articles and stories from our highly respect FACP members. In this article, Collaborative Family Law: Lessons Learned by Jerome H. Poliacoff, Ph.D., three of our members Carolann […]

FACP February President’s Update

Dear Collaborative Colleagues, I spent the last two days of January attending the Cert Review continuing legal education course for Florida family lawyers. Next year Collaborative process will be part of the curriculum! The thought leaders who introduced mediation to Florida a generation ago might not have dreamed that it would become mandatory in all […]

Divorce Is Like A Boiled Egg

By Keith Grossman “Divorces are a special kind of trauma, and mine was no different.” – Unknown People typically think of divorce as a negative word. For them, it’s conflict and angst and disagreements and yelling. A client once told me, “I’m watching my kids melt down.” Another said, “Somehow, seeing your entire marriage broken down into pages and […]

Florida Supreme Court Adopts Forms For The Collaborative Process

Greetings, my Collaborative colleagues and friends. Last week, the Florida Supreme Court adopted forms for the Collaborative Process. The forms, which will be available online in the near future, are intended to help Florida’s Collaborative attorneys – they are NOT mandatory. The forms are tools to help especially new Collaborative attorneys become more efficient in […]

Why Is Collaborative Training Necessary?

Written By: Keith Grossman In ancient Greek mythology, King Gordius tied a very complicated knot and challenged all the people to “untie the knot”. Whoever was successful would become the ruler of all Asia. The people lined up trying to untie the knot, without success. Alexander the Great also came to untie the knot, and like the […]

Doing Good While Doing Well

Written By: Randy Heller, Ph.D. In 2006, I began a journey that I had previously only dreamed about. I returned to pursue my doctoral degree after 15 years in private practice as a psychotherapist, working primarily in the field of divorce. While on this path, I had to determine how I could utilize my program […]

Why is the Collaborative Process Important For Families?

By Macie Ellis The Florida Academy of Collaborative Professionals (FACP) recently hosted the 8th annual conference on Peacemaking Lessons from the War Room. The opening speaker, Lieutenant Colonel Katie Crombe, spoke about her experiences in the war room. She emphasized that peace must be fostered. A peaceful divorce requires respect and the ability to work […]