8th Annual Florida Academy of Collaborative Professionals Conference: Peacemaking Lessons from the War Room! (Orlando, FL)

Virtual Training - May 21, 2020

Florida Academy of Collaborative Professionals
8th Annual Conference
Peacemaking Lessons from the War Room!
May 21-23, 2020

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Now Accepting Workshop Proposals
We are accepting proposals for 75 minute conference workshops.
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Submission Deadline: November 20, 2019

The Florida Academy of Collaborative Professionals welcomes proposals for presentations at our 8th Annual Conference. The theme of the conference is “PEACEMAKING LESSONS FROM THE WAR ROOM.” 

Many of us have litigated family law cases. A lot of planning goes into a contested case. What are the lessons we’ve learned from these battles that help us become better peacemakers in the collaborative law process? What can we do differently; what strategies can we use to plan for peacemaking? Do you have best practices that encourage peacemaking?  What can you share from your experience to showcase the benefits of the collaborative process? Have you implemented creative thinking and out-of-the box brainstorming techniques that have resulted in unique resolutions? We invite you to generously share in your knowledge to help us all become successful peacemakers.

We are seeking proposals for high quality presentations on the topics of:

  • Domestic violence in collaborative cases (specifically seeking proposals on this topic)
  • Ethical issues in collaborative cases (specifically seeking proposals on this topic)
  • What is peacemaking?
  • Why it’s hard for clients (and professionals) to let go of the battle
  • Technology that helps the client and you
  • Creative approaches (state-of-the-art, new techniques, innovative programs)
  • Fixed fee approaches
  • Balancing cooperation and competition among Collaborative professionals
  • Keeping practice groups from getting into a rut
  • What do we want to be doing differently in just 5 years?
  • Benefits of having a Neutral Financial Professional on the team
  • Start as you mean to go: steps and procedures for productive meetings
  • How to speak with non-collaboratively oriented lawyers about collaborative
  • A view from the sidelines: seasoned collaborative professionals in action show us how it’s done
  • Attorneys: Being an advocate for your client without litigating within the collaborative case
  • Dealing with “Rogue” team members
  • Collaboration after litigation: can it work?
  • Impasses happen: tools for getting unstuck
  • How do we help our clients see the difference between reasonable and unrealistic expectations?
  • Fee structure alternatives
  • Just the facts: current stats on collaborative: where we are excelling and where we need improvement
  • Lines of communication between team members: what is said, when and to whom?
  • Best sources of referrals: understanding how to deliver the message.
  • Addressing complex financial properties in the Collaborative process
  • Using co-parenting professionals beyond the final agreement (Parenting Coordinators, etc.; also, when should Facilitators continue on vs. turn things over to outside MHP’s?)

Please design your 75 minute conference workshop for either: intermediate or advanced experience levels. Presentations may be general or discipline specific for lawyers, mental health and financial neutrals, or allied professionals. Interdisciplinary Team presentations are encouraged.

Conference Hotel and Location
JW Marriott, Orlando Grande Lakes
Group Rate: $179
Resort Fee: $20
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