FACP Grand Rounds: May 2022

Virtual Training - May 31, 2022

Grand Rounds presentation by FACP Outreach Chairs, Lizette Reboredo and Kelly Forst

Being an effective teammate is an essential part of the Collaborative Process. Working effectively on a team to help the parties reach an amicable solution to their dispute should be the main goal of everyone on the team. What happens when issues derail the professional team from working effectively to reach this goal? Join FACP Outreach Chairs, Lizette Reboredo and Kelly Forst, for this Grand Rounds presentation on Strengthening the Team Without Breaking the Clients. This Grand Rounds discussion will cover a variety of topics related to Collaborative teamwork including: In a client driven process, what are the responsibilities of counsel in choosing the other professionals and does the client have a right or a role in the selection process? Landmines to avoid when one client is paying for the entire process? What roles do professionals have in talking about their fees together? What to do when not all team members are invested in the process? And so much more!

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