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At the end of January 2020 the FACP “held court” at the Florida Bar/AAML Board Certification Review Course in Orlando.  Jennifer Frank, Elaine Silver, Jerome Poliacoff and Carina Leeson shared literature and engaged in conversations about:

  • the many upcoming Collaborative training/educational opportunities;
  • the FACP Annual Conference in May 2020;
  • the Collaborative Process and Florida’s Collaborative Process Act;
  •  individual Collaborative Process experiences, impressions, and brainstorming;
  • the value in joining and participating in local Collaborative practice groups and professional relationship-building;
  • discussions around Low Bono Models;
  • . . . . and much, much more!

Those of us working the table engaged with other professionals at the table almost the entire time. We encountered enthusiastic proponents, naysayers and those ‘on the fence’, those curious how to convert their first case, attorneys concerned about the cost, and so on . . .  We had opportunity after opportunity to engage and educate, to share our own experiences, to brainstorm ideas.  We also gathered a large collection of new names and contact information of those interested in learning more about Collaborative, about the FACP, and about engaging with their local Collaborative Practice groups. Each of these people will receive outreach from our amazing FACP administrator, Brittany Staggs.  
All in all, a great conference and a wonderful opportunity to spread the word about Collaborative!  

We have another FACP table at the Florida Bar Conference on June 19th and 20th 2020 at the Bonnet Creek Hotel in Orlando. Anyone interested in joining us to spread the word about the Collaborative Process at the table, please contact Jennifer Frank at jennifer@frankfamilylaw.com .  

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