President’s Update – August 2022

Hello, my fellow Collaborative professionals and members of FACP. I hope you have enjoyed your summer. We are fortunate to live and work in Florida where the weather is typically bearable and often glorious.

As I rode my bike throughout Miami this past weekend, I found myself marveling over how innovative and inviting FACP is in promoting the Collaborative Process. Our committees are ramping up their efforts as fall approaches and I invite you to participate in making the change you wish to see. The door is always open for you to join any of our committees and to help in the planning of our programs. If you are not already familiar with our committees, below is a list of our committees and their chairs:

  • Access to Collaborative
    • Pamela Masters and Heather McArthur
  • Blog/Newsletter
    • Candice Saketkoo
  • Credentialing
    • Diane Womack, Rosaria Upchurch and Evan Marks
  • Conference
    • Jessica Felix, Enid Miller Ponn and Ari Harper
  • Fundraising
    • Aubrey Ducker and Sonya Johnson
  • Global Partner Liaison
    • Marta Alfonso
  • Governance
    • Jeffrey Wasserman and Cole Jeffries
  • Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Accessibility
    • Fernanda Pedroso, Marie-Eve Girard and Marianela Collado
  • Leadership Institute
    • Lizette Reboredo, Candice Saketkoo and Brenda London
  • Ambassador Committee
    • Evan Marks
  • Nominating
    • Elaine Silver
  • Outreach
    • Kristen Goss, Carina Leeson, Anthony Diaz and Mara Bernstein
  • Practice Group Development
    • Susan Keyes and Matthew Bartolomei
  • Research
    • Randy Heller
  • Website and Social Media
    • Elaine Silver, Chris Sprysenski, Kristen Goss and Anastasia Mahone

We are also getting ramped up for the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals’ annual Forum. For the first time, it will be in Florida. I spent many years convincing IACP that Florida is a thriving Collaborative community. We will now have the opportunity to show everyone how we do “Collaborative” in Florida. The Forum will be October 27-30 at the Gaylord Palms Resort and Convention Center in Kissimmee. Hundreds of Collaborative professionals from around the world will come to Florida to learn, network and have a great time. We already have 48 Floridians registered for the Forum. There is always room for many more. Please go to for more information.

Each of you has a lot to offer the Collaborative community, particularly in Florida. I hope you will not only get involved, but soon become a Collaborative leader in the community and in FACP. If I can assist you in pursuing this by joining an FACP committee or learning more about a committee or the Collaborative Process, feel free to contact me at 305-448-1555 or

I wish each of you the best and I hope you will take a bold step.

Yours Collaboratively,

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