President’s Update – October 2021

Greetings my fellow FACP members. The summer has passed and we are in the Fall, heading toward the holiday season. Children are back in school and trying to adjust to a “new normal.” In fact, all of us are trying to adjust to a new normal. I don’t know about you, but my practice has changed significantly since COVID hit us. I miss the in-person interactions that I had with my Collaborative colleagues and clients, but I am now able to help even more people throughout Florida, not just in my part of the state, through Zoom meetings. We have an opportunity to expand the Collaborative Process way beyond what any of us ever dreamed of! I urge you to think outside of the box. Do not let yourself get stuck on how things used to be.

Our FACP committees are now up and running again, planning activities in the coming year. There are opportunities for every one of our members to get involved. It takes a village and it is not possible for the committee chairs to reach out to the more than 600 individual members of FACP to invite them to join a committee. I urge and welcome you to contact the chairs to get involved in a committee that interests you and am therefore again listing most of our committees and the co-chairs:

  • Access to Collaborative
    • Pam Masters; Tanya O-Connor and Teresa Parnell
  • Conference
    • Tammy Berman, Jessica Felix and Karen Middlekauff
  • Fundraising
    • Aubrey Ducker, Sonya Johnson and Carolann Mazza
  • Governance
    • Cole Jeffries and Jeff Wasserman
  • Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Accessibility
    • Marie-Eve Girard, Anastasia Mahone, Fernanda Pedroso and Candice Saketkoo
  • Newsletter
    • Candice Saketkoo
  • Outreach
    • Kelly Forst, Anastasia Mahone and Lizette Reboredo
  • Practice Group Development
    • Matt Bartolomei and Susan Keyes
  • Research
    • Randy Heller
  • Website
    • Elaine Silver

You can contact any of the chairs by looking them up on our website.

We are providing programing every month and welcome you to attend. Please read the e-mails you receive from FACP so you can stay up to date with what is happening in the Florida Collaborative world. Do not be shy. There are opportunities for all of us to get involved. This is a great way to expand your knowledge about the Collaborative Process and to expand your network of professionals and potential referral sources.

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