President’s Update – September 2022

My dear fellow FACP members:

For the first time ever, the International Academy of Collaborative professionals will be holding its annual conference, the Forum, in Florida. On October 27-30, 2022, Collaborative professionals from around the world will gather in Orlando (Kissimmee) at the Gaylord Palms Resort and Convention Center. We Floridians have a unique opportunity to welcome Collaborative colleagues from all over the world, and we really have a chance to show how we “do Collaborative.”

As I reach out to you, I notice that there are 206 people registered for the Forum, 52 of whom are from Florida. Having 25% of the Forum attendees coming from Florida is fantastic, but wouldn’t it be great to have even more of our members experience the unique opportunity of attending Forum in our backyard? There are more than 500 members of FACP. We can have a good time and get to know each other better both personally and professionally while gaining new skills and understandings of how to better represent our clients and to operate our practices as we learn from experts from around the world, including some of our own FACP members. Quite a few of our members have not only registered for the Forum but are supporting it financially by sponsoring the Forum. Plus, the Forum is an unbelievable opportunity to have a great time during a conference. Here is the link to the Forum information page through which you can register to attend. I hope to see you there.

I am also pleased to let you know that FACP’s committees are really picking up steam now. Every member of FACP is welcome to join one or more of our committees. The following committees are open and are welcoming new members: Access to Collaborative; Fundraising; Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Accessibility; Outreach; Practice Group Development; and Research. Please take that first step and join one of our committees. I am confident that you will enjoy it and that you will develop new or improved relationships with your Collaborative colleagues.

FACP is all about our members. Those of us who are very involved in the organization devote a lot of time and energy to educating the public about the Collaborative Process so they choose to resolve their family differences Collaboratively. This benefits Florida’s families and all of our members. With that being said, we are working hard to increase the functionality of our web site. Keep checking it out at to see what is new. We will be adding new search functions to enable your future clients to easily find and contact you by your name and geographic location. Plus, the Practice survey is more readily accessible, and we urge you to post blogs on our web site.

I hope you will reach out to me to learn more about FACP and what it can do for you. Take care and best wishes to you and your family.

Yours Collaboratively,

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