Submitting a Blog Post to FACP

Want to be published?

Write a blog about Collaborative Process and submit it for publication on our website. Promote your practice and educate the public about the benefits of Collaborative Process.

There are two blog areas on the FACP website: (1) consumer facing to educate the general public on Collaborative Practice and (2) for both existing Collaboratively trained professionals and “newbies” wanting to become Collaborative professionals.

In 2021-2022, FACP is emphasizing consumer facing content though content for either area is welcome. The primary requirement for blog post submissions is that it has not been published anywhere before. FACP will tag the blog as original content when publishing on its site. Should a professional wish to publish the same content at a later date on their own or another site, simply include the following similar wording and link somewhere in the blog.

“This blog was originally published on the website of the Florida Academy of Collaborative Professionals (FACP).”

FACP members are encouraged to include bio data about themselves and a link to their website.

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