The Final Hurdle For Full Implementation Of The Collaborative Law Process Act!

The following is courtesy of Cole Jeffries:

Collaborative Law Forms for Part III of Chapter 61 were passed out of Fla. Bar Family Law Rules Committee today & now headed to Fla. Supreme Court via Fla. Bar Board of Governors. Motions made by Cole Jeffries & Caroline Black Sikorske & approved unanimously with approval to expedite getting it before the Court. Other collaborative attorneys in attendance: Bob Merlin (outgoing chair of the committee), Rosemarie Roth, & Ellen Ware.

This is the final leg of full implementation of the Collaborative Law Process Act once we get the Fla. Supreme Court’s approval & adoption.

This is another major hurdle for the Collaborative Process in Florida. The Florida Academy of Collaborative Professionals would like to commend everyone involved who has helped the Collaborative Process reach this point!
Last July, the start of Collaborative Law Process Act officially went into place.

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