Why Are So Many Newlyweds Getting Divorced During The Pandemic?

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For most newlyweds the months following their wedding hold some of the greatest and most memorable times in their marriage. It’s a time that still has them feeling blissful from their wedding day; it’s filled with the excitement of settling into a new home, vacations, weekly date nights, and getting to know one another as a married couple.

Unfortunately, this was not the case for many newlyweds in 2020, mainly those who were married just before or during the pandemic. The New York Post found that while the divorce rates have skyrocketed during the pandemic, 20% of those seeking divorce were married within the past 5 months or less.

So, what’s causing newlyweds to call it quits so soon? Divorce attorney and author of “I Never Saw My Father Again: The Divorce Court Effect” and “War or Peace: Avoid the Destruction of Divorce Court” Joryn Jenkins explains, and offers some tips that could save your marriage.

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