6th Annual Conference A Huge Success!

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Edward S. Sachs, FACP President
The FACP 6th Annual Conference just concluded and the consensus of all who attended was it was a great conference! From the opening keynote of David Hoffman to the Implicit Bias presentation of Judge Scott Bernstein everyone got a great learning and networking experience. Being around 200 like-minded Collaborative professionals is so invigorating.
I want to thank and congratulate the Conference Chairs, Teresa Parnell, Kim Nutter and David Harper along with their sub-committee chairs Alice Boullosa, Carina Leeson and Ari Harper for putting on a fantastic event. Your hard work is so appreciated by all your Collaborative colleagues.
This year’s conference kicked off on Thursday with FACP committee meetings. Almost 50 people attended the meetings and the ideas flowed freely. We have an exciting year ahead so make sure you get active and join one of our many committees.
Many great ideas will come out of what we learned. Sessions on pro bono, low bono and fixed fee types of cases should serve as a great inspiration to our newly formed Access to Collaboration committee. The Board of Directors is already talking about the idea of conducting advanced training around the state during the year. I’m sure many more ideas will blossom out of this year’s conference.
For those of you who missed this great event, put May 17 – 19, 2019 on your calendar now. That is the date of our 7th Annual Conference!

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