Penalty On The Field: Are You Operating Within The Bounds Of Advocacy?

 Seven-years ago, I left pharmaceutical mass tort practice to launch my own firm, focused on family law. My goal was to finally experience the personal, long-term connections that grow out of client-attorney relationships at the local level, something often absent from products liability work, with clients all over the country. In preparing for this […]

The Importance of a Unified Statement of Interests and Goals in Collaborative Practice

A cornerstone in the Collaborative Process is interest-based negotiations.  Early in the process each professional, and eventually the full team, listens to the clients describe their reasons for selecting Collaborative over other divorce processes.  In this discussion we explore their interests, goals, and needs which are to guide the team in option building and in […]

6th Annual Conference A Huge Success!

Edward S. Sachs, FACP President The FACP 6th Annual Conference just concluded and the consensus of all who attended was it was a great conference! From the opening keynote of David Hoffman to the Implicit Bias presentation of Judge Scott Bernstein everyone got a great learning and networking experience. Being around 200 like-minded Collaborative professionals […]

CASE STUDY: Co-Mediation to Collaborative Mediation

  What happens when professionals put the well being of a family ahead of “winning” a litigated battle? Two of our members, Rachel Moskowitz and Adam Cordover, stepped out of their comfort zones to help a family in need. The two wrote about how they collaborated to allow their clients to dissolve their marriage on […]

How To Handle Special Occasions When Parents Divorce

Special occasions like birthdays can pose many difficulties for divorced families. Scheduling issues, new significant others, painful memories and arguments about gifts can all cause tension. Here are some ways to cope: Involve the kids in new traditions Your kids might already feel stress due to new circumstances, and no child wants to feel pressure […]

UPDATE: Collaborative Rules Amendment Filed To Supreme Court

UPDATE 3/30/17 9:00 A.M. : The amended rule of professional responsibility was filed with the Florida Supreme Court earlier this morning. As you know, Judge Laurel Lee and I presented the Collaborative rules to the Florida Supreme Court last Thursday. Earlier, the Court issued a unanimous opinion in which it requested that The Florida Bar and […]

Five Tips for Collaborative Facilitators

Five Tips for Collaborative Facilitators What can you do to up your game and become a sought after collaborative facilitator?  This article provides five suggestions for aspiring and experienced collaborative facilitators/neutral mental health professionals/coaches.  BE DIRECTIVE Strong teams need a strong leader.  Though clients are responsible for their outcome, it is the professionals who are […]

What Is the Collaborative Process And Why Is Charlie Crist Using It?

On Feb. 24, U.S. Rep. Charlie Crist, R-St. Petersburg, filed for divorce. In his petition, Crist states that he anticipates that he and his wife will go through a “collaborative law process.” What is a collaborative divorce? A collaborative divorce means that all issues are resolved outside court. Each spouse retains his or her own […]

Bay Area Collaborative Professionals Looking To Establish Pro Bono Program

A joint committee of the Tampa Bay Academy of Collaborative Professionals, Next Generation Divorce, and the Hillsborough, Clearwater, and St. Petersburg Bar Association Collaborative Law Sectio, has been meeting to explore the establishment of a pro bono, low bono, and modest means Collaborative Law program. The goal of this committee is to explore options and establish […]