The Importance of a Unified Statement of Interests and Goals in Collaborative Practice

A cornerstone in the Collaborative Process is interest-based negotiations.  Early in the process each professional, and eventually the full team, listens to the clients describe their reasons for selecting Collaborative over other divorce processes.  In this discussion we explore their interests, goals, and needs which are to guide the team in option building and in […]

UPDATE: Collaborative Rules Amendment Filed To Supreme Court

UPDATE 3/30/17 9:00 A.M. : The amended rule of professional responsibility was filed with the Florida Supreme Court earlier this morning. As you know, Judge Laurel Lee and I presented the Collaborative rules to the Florida Supreme Court last Thursday. Earlier, the Court issued a unanimous opinion in which it requested that The Florida Bar and […]

What Is the Collaborative Process And Why Is Charlie Crist Using It?

On Feb. 24, U.S. Rep. Charlie Crist, R-St. Petersburg, filed for divorce. In his petition, Crist states that he anticipates that he and his wife will go through a “collaborative law process.” What is a collaborative divorce? A collaborative divorce means that all issues are resolved outside court. Each spouse retains his or her own […]

LISTEN: Collaborative Process A Growing Trend In Florida

Earlier today a couple of our members, Keith Grossman and Trisch Gerber, had the opportunity to speak on WGCU an NPR affiliate in Southwest Florida. Keith and Trisch talked about the growth of the Collaborative Process in the state of Florida and the benefits of using the Collaborative Process when going through a divorce. You […]

The Neutral Financial Professional and the Quest to Restore Synergy

The Missing Synergy: The value of a collaborative team is defined by the synergy it creates when a team of professionals come together as a group and achieve greater results than any of them could individually.  That synergy is lost when team members are improperly utilized in ways that prevent them from using their skill […]

Collaborative Divorce: A Saner World

I recently sat at the table with a husband and wife who had just signed their marital settlement agreement.  This signaled the end of their collaborative divorce process.  I offered them my respect for how they had pursued the process on behalf of their children.  They could have chosen a different path.  The could have […]